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5 Lighthouses to Visit in Southern Maine

Situated at the mouth of the Piscataqua River, which divides Maine from New Hampshire.

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5 Best Places to Eat Lobster in Southern Maine

I don’t think there’s a single restaurant in Southern Maine that doesn’t serve lobster in some form, but there are a few restaurants that make my list of 5 Best Places to Eat Lobster.

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Wedding Cake House Tours

Wedding Cake House, one of America’s most famous houses, is located close to the


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Celebrating New Year's Eve in Kennebunkport Maine

With Christmas just days away, here in Kennebunkport Maine, our plans for New Year’s Eve are well under way.

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Thanksgiving Dining in Kennebunkport Maine

One of the most important parts of any Thanksgiving celebration is dinner and fortunately when spending the holiday in Kennebunkport Maine there are lots of excellent places to give thanks over a great meal. And while Thanksgiving dinner is a particularly special time, one of my favorite things about the holiday is getting to watch Kennebunkport prepare itself for Christmas Prelude and the holiday season.

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Black Friday Savings Have Arrived in Kennebunkport!

This holiday season, save 10% on gift certificates of any denomination OR choose a 0 certificate and save a whopping 15%! If you’re feeling confident 

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Black Friday Shopping In Kennebunkport Maine

But we all know that Black Friday really means snagging big time deals at big name stores, and fortunately, the Maine Stay Inn is situated perfectly to take advantage at many shopping centers in our area.

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5 Best Spots for Lobster in Kennebunkport Maine

Whether you’re looking for fine dining restaurants or hole-in-the-wall digs, Kennebunkport’s dining scene has got it all. And since lobster is one of the things Maine is most well known for, it’s tough to find a spot that doesn’t offer lobster in one form or another.

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A Presidential Getaway in Kennebunkport, ME

Although February 14th has come and gone, many people are keeping the mood alive and taking advantage of the long weekend for Presidents’ Day to do their Valentine’s celebrating, and what better place than Kennebunkport, ME for a truly presidential retreat?  Many people may be surprised, but on my very first visit to Kennebunkport, I had no idea that this was the summer retreat of our 41st and 43rd

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Christmas Prelude 2018 in Kennebunkport!

Christmas Prelude is one of the nation’s best Christmas Festivals, and this year was absolutely jam packed with incredibly festive events to celebrate the Christmas season in  Kennebunkport Maine.

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