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Summer Activities

Summertime is a truly spectacular season for visiting Kennebunkport and vacationing on the Maine coast.  

With incredible ocean front vistas and beautiful sandy beaches all over the area, there are ample activities and things to do in one of the most beautiful Maine communities.

The warm temperatures of June, July and August are ideal for lounging on the area’s sandy beaches. But with so many great activities available and restaurants to sample, even non-beach goers enjoy the summer months in Kennebunkport.

The Beaches

Kennebunkport is fortunate to be located in an area of southern Maine that boasts both the classic rocky coast as well as stunning sandy beaches.

The Maine Stay is located just a mile from Colony Beach at the mouth of the Kennebunk River and is perfect for watching the sunset and enjoying a scenic stroll along Ocean Avenue. Continuing along Ocean Avenue on Parson’s Way Walk, you can experience stretches of rocky shoreline before stumbling on the Bush Family Compound.

The finest white sand sits on the northern shores of Kennebunkport at Goose Rocks Beach, but you’ll find the quietest beaches on the Laudholm Farm/Wells Reserve property. A short stroll through fields and forests lead to a protected stretch of sand rarely frequented by summer visitors.

The three Kennebunk Beaches (just over a mile from the inn) offer a mile-and-a-half of sandy beaches with easy parking right along the wide sidewalks that flank the beaches. Bringing or renting bicycles is a perfect way to explore them all in just a day or two!

On the Water

The opportunities for exploring the great outdoors don’t stop at the shoreline and because of Kennebunkport’s location on the Maine coast as well as the banks of the Kennebunk River, there are almost limitless opportunities on fresh and salt water.

Many visitors enjoy hopping into a canoe or a kayak for an afternoon on the water. And whether you choose a guided tour or a relaxing day paddling your own course, you’re sure to find the fresh air invigorating!

True to its seafaring history, one of the best ways to sightsee in the area is to step aboard a handcrafted schooner for a coastal tour of southern Maine. Both the Schooner Eleanor and the Pineapple Ketch offer sailings daily (weather permitting, of course!) and have the highest quality sails available.

And for the fishermen among you, there are ample fishing charters (deep sea included) available that launch from Kennebunkport’s marinas.

Lobster boats

Historic Maine Coast

There truly aren’t many vacation destinations in New England that maintain their historic character the way Kennebunkport has – no fast food chains or drive-thrus here. In fact, much of downtown Kennebunkport finds itself on the National Register of Historic Places and the town makes every effort to preserve its old time feel with all of the comforts of today.

In the summer months, the Kennebunkport Historical Society offers walking tours of the historic district. If that doesn’t fit your schedule, we’ll provide you with materials to guide your own tour of Kennebunkport and historic Kennebunk as well.

Just down the street, you’ll find the First Families Museum, which pairs presidential history in Kennebunkport with historic architecture and design. And not far from the Maine Stay is the Brick Store Museum. It’s exclusively dedicated to the history of the area.

Additionally, you’ll find trolley and train, history and art museums throughout our community and neighboring ones. But one of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon or evening is on a horse-drawn carriage ride or a wooden trolley tour through the historic district. Enjoy the local sights in the evening breeze along with a touch of history!

Restaurants and Dining

While most people think that summer on the Maine coast is synonymous with lobsters and blueberry pies, there is much more to the Kennebunkport dining scene than these traditional favorites. Of course, though, plenty of seafood can be found in the area!

Nunan’s Lobster Hut serves up classic boiled lobsters (caught by the Nunan family themselves each day) and a “to-die-for” blueberry pie in a quintessential lobster shack.

Venture just a block from the Maine Stay for fresh, casual fare overlooking the Kennebunkport Marinas at Arundel Wharf Restaurant.

No matter how you choose to spend your getaway, you’re sure to find Kennebunkport is the perfect place for rest and relaxation on the Maine coast.

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